Monday, May 31, 2010

Memorial Day Music Monday!

Welcome to a special Memorial Day edition of Music Monday! Today, in true High Fidelity fashion, my Top Five Summer Road Trip Albums for 2010. What will I (and should you) be listening to as I cross the country (and drive down the street to the grocery store)?

5. Jack Johnson -- Brushfire Fairytales. This one is on my list just for nostalgia's sake. The summer after my junior year of high school I got my first car...and it had a CD player! And this CD didn't leave that CD player for (guaranteed) 3 months. Anytime I hear a song from this album I automatically think "summer"...and also, "Dirt Colored Chevy Tracker"...but whatever. It was a good car!

4. Iron & Wine -- The Shepherd's Dog, because there had to be an album on the list that requires you to roll the windows down, turn the stereo up, and drive. And this is it.

3. The Music of Glee -- Vol. 1, 2, & 3 I know I've already shouted my love for Glee from the rooftops, but seriously. I LOVE GLEE and I will be singing along ALL SUMMER. Just try and stop me...

2. A throwback...The Doobie Brothers -- Best of the Doobies. Another nostalgia inspired pick. I was raised right, so I have a deep respect for all things 60's  & 70's rock related. Any road trip we took as kids included the Doobies, Dr. Hook, The Guess Who, Zeppelin, Tommy James & the Shondelles, and (admittedly, out of left field) The Drifters. I chose the Doobies because they're my favorite of the bunch. Plain and simple.

1. Ben Folds/BF5 -- Just make a playlist of all of his stuff because you can never go wrong listening to Ben. And because last summer I met a restaurant before attending his show 2 hours later...the coolest day of my life...

And here's a peek at some new quilty fun that's going down this summer:

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