Wednesday, May 12, 2010


It appears as if I live in Babyville. Everyone is pregnant or just had a baby. Everyone.

In that spirit, I thought I'd show you one of the first quilts that I ever made, which was for a baby. I started quilting because I wanted to make a quilt for my nephew who joined us in this world in January. My first attempt was a quilt kit from Joann's. Boo. It didn't even have batting or binding. It was a right-sides-together then flip kind of a deal. Seriously, BOO. So I made my niece a quilt first (another post for another day) and then I got to work on Baby H's quilt. His mom and dad (my brother & sis-in-law) aren't very "cutesy" people. They have a very vintage, cool, different style and when I found this awesome 30's reproduction print, I couldn't resist.

Isn't it precious? It became the focus fabric and I added some coordinating fabrics (Amy Butler seeds in blue and orange, a gold solid, some awesome navy polka dots and an orange print whose origins are unknown) and used them to make pinwheels with brown flannel. 

It's the softest, coziest quilt for a January baby (even though it's not very practical NOW, seeing as it was humid and gross outside today).

sorry the picture is sideways...I forgot to rotate!

It's made up of 20 9x9 blocks and finished, measures about 36x45. I bound it with some American Jane Pez and some yellow stars fabric that I got from Joann's.

Aside from the baby that's laying on the quilt (isn't he just the CUTEST?!), my favorite part of it is the back, which I didn't take any pictures of. It's mostly just solid brown flannel, but in the center, I pieced a giant (22"across) whirlygig out of 4 of the fabrics from the top. I love it and Baby H and his parents love it and he actually uses it, which makes me happier than anything!

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