Saturday, May 1, 2010

May Day!

I love $1 fat quarters! My LQS doesn't carry a lot of the fabric that I'm drawn to (i.e. contemporary, non-civil-war-repro, colorful, non-Route 66 inspired, etc.). In fact, the majority of the fabric that I like in her shop eventually ends up on the $5.50/yd wall because most of her customers have a MUCH different aesthetic than I do. And today, along with the 10 fqs for $10 sale, everything on the Clearance wall was an extra $1 off! That meant that I got this:

7 yards of fabric for $30! Some Amy Butler, some Heather Bailey, some Moda Prep School madras (for a summer picnic quilt), and some fqs, including 30s repro prints and a couple of fabrics whose origins are unknown. I don't know where those purply-pink polka dots come from, but I'm in love. I wish there was more than just 1 fq in the shop today. I definitely would have bought more.

In the sewing machine today:

crappy picture, but it's hailing outside, so...

 I've cut into my complete stack of MoMo Wonderland fqs that I found 2 weeks ago at a quilt shop out in the country...on clearance!!! When I told the sales lady that I was really excited to find it, she said, "Why?" I told her that it's not in print anymore and it's really hard to find. Her response? "Oh, well good for you." She had no idea that she could have sold the thing on etsy or ebay for double what I paid for it...Lucky me!

Anyway, it's 7 rows of 7 (8.5x10.5) rectangles. I used each of the 40 prints at least once and added some solids to add a little umpf.
It's going to be gigantor, but that's okay. It's for me, so the bigger and cozier, the better. I'm pretty excited to make some baby quilts with the leftovers. I have 2 cousins having baby girls in the next month, so I think this will be perfect for them.

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