Monday, May 24, 2010

A carpenter, like Jesus.

My brother builds cabinets for a living and one time my sister-in-law told someone that he was "a carpenter, like Jesus". It still makes me laugh as I type it.

Anyway, I have been planning to make a quilt for them and when I saw the Avairy line of fabrics by Joel Dewberry, especially the awesome faux bois, I felt like I couldn't pass some of them up. I've been taking my time gathering bits and pieces of the Sparrows in Almond and the woodgrain as I found them online.

SO, after some new fabrics arrived in the mail today and I dug through my stash, here's what I'm considering:

Option 1 contains greens and a bit of yellow along with the browns and oranges from the sparrow fabric. I'm not sure whether the green adds some life to the party or comes out of nowhere...I just LOVE those yellow flowers on green. And for the record, some of those browns look REALLY dark. In reality, the dark brown that you see is a chocolate brown, not black!

Option 2 takes out the greens and is only oranges and browns. I don't know what to do...I'm sure I'll decide, but for now, the piles will sit nearby, unsure of their destiny! Most of the fabrics are Joel Dewberry fabrics, but they're from several different lines. There is also some Freebird by MoMo, Amy Butler polka dots, an Erin McMorris print, and some Denyse Schmidt (KJR & Hope Valley).

Now I'm off to bind a quilt and finish watching The Bachelorette! I seriously didn't intend to get sucked in...


  1. i love all of these all laying out together. they look so pretty. i really like option 1.

  2. I'm leaning towards it, too. Mostly just because I love green...

  3. hmmm - I'm digging option 1. I think the greens round it all out. But I like lots of fabrics in my quilts...