Friday, April 23, 2010


Recently, I donated a quilt to be sold in an auction for earthquake relief in Haiti. It was the first quilt that I made that was sold. It's hard enough to give someone a handmade gift but to create something that a stranger is paying money for! Scary! Turns out, the quilt came together quickly and the only real problem I had was that I wanted to keep it!

The quilt was made with a selection of fabrics from Amy Butler's Love line and Kona white. With such large prints, it made sense to do everything on a large scale, so I made one giant maverick star (measures 36" square).

Then I added a patchwork border and a solid white border. It's backed in a solid piece of Water Bouquet...which got me into some trouble because when my sister-in-law saw the quilt she immediately commissioned me to make her a purse out of it! Of course, I said yes (a perfect excuse to go to the quilt shop!). Then I quilted it with random curved and straight lines.

The finished quilt measured 44x55. The perfect size for the little girl that it went home to!

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